My Story
I wish I could say that trying the alternative methods was a conscious choice for me. It was not. I was simply too scared to undergo surgery.
It is very common for people to choose the “other side” when they have a big problem already or when conventional medicine had failed them.
I personally could not get my head around the fact that I was offered a surgery which in fact would make me sick for the rest of my life.
For a long time I was also looking for a solution outside rather than within, which in the end turned out to be the missing part.
When I discovered RTT, it was the I am enough program that caught my eye first. It is such an underrated, yet simple and powerful statement. I’ve never had a client who would feel completely enough and nor did I.
Autoimmune disease is when your own body is attacking itself (e.g. thyroid, gut etc.). When you think about it, it is a slow suicide. And when this dawned on me it was eye opening.
I had to start accepting and loving myself in order to fully heal.

I will help you discover the underlying, hidden root causes of your issues.

My Education

We often have to go beyond the obvious, go deep within ourselves to find the deep suppressed source of our pain.